About Aviva

Mission: Provide every woman with the means to design the life she wants

The mission is clear. Whether it is a steady income, a dash of glamour, or more time to spend with friends and family, Aviva offers women the chance at a new and exciting life through the following paths:

First, Aviva offers women an affordable mode for dressing fashionably and looking gorgeous. This increases confidence without breaking the bank. No longer is it required to spend a fortune to look glamorous and keep up with the trends.  Turn heads at work, weddings and parties with Aviva’s unique pieces!

Second, Aviva offers a real home-based business opportunity that is fun and easy. Aviva Stylists are able set up pop-up boutiques or send people to their personal e-boutique to shop online. This allows women to sell when, where and how they please. In addition, Stylists are able to exchange any items they are unable to sell, eliminating the risk associated with starting a fashion business. Aviva Stylists are able to build a real business, with real customers, real sales, and real cash profits.

Third, Aviva offers future independence through the Aviva Compensation Plan. In addition to retailing products through the aforementioned avenues, Stylists have the opportunity to train others to do the same. By training others to be successful at retailing Aviva, a Stylist can build a network that will provide her with a long-term residual income, not to mention the ability to change the lives of countless other women.  Learn more about the Aviva opportunity and what it means to be a Stylist, or read about the story that started it all.

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