• “I love Aviva because the jewellery is so unique different from what you find in the market.” -Bukunmi

  • “I am a Teacher. I felt my salary was not enough and I needed to meet more business minded people. Aviva has kept me busy,meeting new friends daily and making money. ” -Oluchi Mary

  • “Aviva is a company that has changed my financial status drastically. I was able to start my on business with just N5000. I'm glad to be a partner with this great and accommodating company. -Oluwakemi

Aviva was created to provide women with the means to design a life they have always dreamed of. 

The mission is clear. Whether it is a steady income, a dash of glamour, or more time to spend with friends and family, Aviva’s aim is to make women look and feel their best by offering the right opportunity and products for every individual. So how does Aviva put women in the position to have it all?

First, Aviva offers women an affordable way to look gorgeous. Whether it’s a fabulous necklace or the perfect shampoo, Aviva wants women to look great without breaking the bank. All of our extraordinary products are backed by quality guarantees.

Second, Aviva creates a simple, fun and affordable way to start a business. Sell in person or online, at home or on the go, our sales people, which we refer to as Stylists, work when and how it is convenient for them. By offering the option to exchange unsold items for new ones, Aviva ensures its Stylists make a profit from any investment they make. It is a chance to build a real business, with real customers, real sales, and real cash profits, but none of the risks.

Third, Aviva offers future independence with the Aviva Compensation Plan. In addition to retailing products through the aforementioned avenues, Stylists have the opportunity to train others to do the same. By training others to be successful at retailing Aviva, a Stylist can build a network that will provide her with a long-term residual income, not to mention the ability to change the lives of countless other women. Learn more about the Aviva opportunity and what it means to be a Stylist, or read about the story that started it all.

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