Frequently Asked Questions


How can I purchase Aviva products?  
Aviva products can only be purchased through our Stylists or the Aviva website.

Are there Aviva stores?  
No, Aviva is a wholesaler to its Stylists. We do have an office and showroom that is open to our Stylists, but all orders must be made online or through a Stylist.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver throughout Nigeria. See our delivery rates here.

How long does it take to receive my order once it is submitted?
Delivery time is between 3-5 business days, although this may be exceeded for deliveries to more remote locations, or locations far from Lagos.

How is shipping calculated? 
Generally, shipments within Lagos will be 595 Naira if the shipment is under 1kg. The price may increase based on weight and proximity to a city center.  Prices outside Lagos vary from 995 Naira and upwards.

How do I pay for my order? 
You can pay with debit card online, bank transfer, or Cash on Delivery (certain locations only).  Stylists can pay for products from their commissions if they choose.

What is your return/ refund policy? 
Sales are final once a customer takes receipt of their package. However, if there are any issues regarding the quality of the products, contact out head office and they will resolve the issue. For Stylist Return Policy see below.



What is Aviva all about? 
Click here to read more about the Aviva opportunity.

How do I become an Aviva Stylist? 
Go to the “Sign-up Now” tab under the “Become a Stylist” heading and fill out the form. If you were recruited by another Stylist, be sure to include her Reference ID number. If not, leave that box empty.

Purchase a Starter Kit.

Once you receive the kit in the mail you can start earning immediately!  For more details click here.

Do I need to have a Sponsor? Will she take any of my commission?
A Stylist can sign up on her own, but she will be assigned a Sponsor if she does not have one.  A Stylist's commissions are unaffected whether she signs up with a Sponsor or not.

I’m thinking about joining Aviva, but I’m worried about the financial investment. How much is it to start my own business? 
It costs just 5000 Naira to start as a Premium Stylist. With this you get marketing materials, business cards, receipts, a sample item of jewellery, your personal e-boutique, the option to build a team.

Am I required to purchase inventory?

No. She can sell just through her e-boutique if she chooses.

How much money can I earn selling Aviva? 
The more time and effort you put into training and building your business, the more potential you have to make money. Once you reach a certain rank or status, you maintain that position throughout your career with Aviva; there is no dropping back down. You can increase your earnings potential by recruiting, training, and mentoring new Stylists.

Do I have to keep products on hand? 
You do not need to keep a stock of products on hand. You will, however, find that the easiest way to sell items is by displaying them  or providing samples to customers. 

How often do I have to place an order?
There is no requirement in terms of how frequently a Stylist must place an order. In order to remain active and receive commissions, a Stylist must achieve 2500 BV per month. 

What happens after I sign up?
Once you register as a Stylist, login using your email and password and watch the Back Office Tour Video. Once you have learned how to navigate the back office, read the Aviva Handbook. Here you will learn about the company, and how to start your Aviva business.

I registered as a Stylist, now what?

If you registered as a Stylist and purchased a Starter Kit, wait for the Starter Kit to arrive and then you can begin your business!  If you have not purchased a Starter Kit yet, login to your account, and order a starter kit. If you cannot find how to do this, contact our office or live chat and ask for the order to be placed.

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