How to Begin

If you have decided to get started with Aviva, congratulations!  This is a fantastic investment in yourself and your future.  Hundreds of women have found success and fulfillment as Aviva Stylists and we are sure you will too.  Getting started is extremely easy.  The entire process is completed online and takes less than five minutes!

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Register as a Stylist, and purchase a Starter Kit when prompted.  Watch the following videos tutorials on how to register from both a laptop or smartphone:



Step 2: Once you have paid for and received your Starter Kit, you will be able to set up your online store, which is called your e-boutique.  You will receive 20% commission on all items people purchase there, but that is just the beginning of the earning potential with Aviva. 

Next, you will be able to start purchasing discounted inventory to sell in person.  The normal discount on inventory is 20%, but you will receive 35% off your FIRST purchase, so be sure to take advantage!  Although purchasing inventory is not required, we do encourage it, as it is the fastest way to start earning.  

Step 3: Start selling!  Invite people over to check out your jewellery. Carry it to church, mosque or work and put it on display. Send people to your personal e-boutique for them to start shopping online. You will see the commissions fly in!

Step 4: Build your inventory! You will be surprised how quickly the inventory goes. Get a feel for what your customers like, and continue to replenish your stock with items they will love! Something doesn’t sell? Send it back to Aviva and exchange it for a different item (restocking fee applies).

Step 5: Revel in success and repeat. Everything you make is yours to keep. Whether your goal is to make extra spending cash, fund a vacation, or generate income to pay the bills, you can make it happen through Aviva. You’ll be amazed just how easy it really is. 

Step 6: Build a team! By recruiting and training Stylists under you, it is possible to triple, even quadruple your earnings.  Let people nkow how fun and lucrative Aviva is, they will naturally become inclined to join as well.  Explore the Income Opportunities on our website.   

Still have questions? Email or click the chat button and speak with one of our agents.

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