Income Opportunities

If you were introduced to Aviva through one of our Stylists and then found yourself becoming one yourself, don’t be surprised when your customers do the same. Many of our Stylists continue to build their business by sponsoring new Stylists who want to start an Aviva business of their own. There are additional profit opportunities when people sign up to be a Stylist and join your team.

Everyday new Stylists are using Aviva to change their financial outlook, their future, and the lives of others. Aviva allows you to earn income in both the short and long term through the following modes:

Personal Sales:

For every product you sell, you will earn Retail Profits (20% of the Retail Price of any item you sell) and potentially Retail Commissions. Some Stylists use these retail profits to fund a holiday, pay for school fees, or just use some extra spending cash. The more you show your jewellery to people, the more sales you will generate, the greater your commissions will become, and the higher the chances of introducing Aviva to other women. This is how you arrive at to the second way of generating income.

Team Sales:

When you sign up a new Stylist, you can also receive residual income from her and all the Stylists recruited beneath her. By training these Stylists under you to be successful, you will actually be helping yourself earn further commissions.
Together, these income streams have helped countless Stylists reshape their view of the future. Aviva impacts how women feel about themselves with the little boost that comes from looking great as well as the life-long effects of earning significant income.

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