Starter Kit

In order to give a Stylist a jump start with her new business, Aviva offers a starter kit. The purpose of the starter kit is to supply the necessary materials and tools to start a fashion accessories business. Kits also provide stylists with drastically discounted start-up inventory (35% off MSRP), the profits from which can be reinvested to continue building the boutique’s inventory. For those interested in just testing out the Aviva opportunity without purchasing a Starter Kit, the Basic Stylist level is available. Basic stylists receive a minimal discount on inventory, as well as more modest commissions on personal sales. However, once the Basic Stylist’s business starts to grow, it is highly recommended to purchase a Starter Kit to become a Premium Stylist, as she will miss out on a lot of earning potential if she doesn’t. 

STARTER KIT INCLUDES: Coupon for 35% off the Retail Price of your first purchase, receipt booklet, price tags, a piece of Aviva jewellery, business cards, your personal e-boutique


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