The Opportunity


Aviva is not just about jewellery, it is about opportunity: the opportunity to look great, earn a fantastic income, and invest in your future! We offer a ready-to-go, pre-packaged jewellery business that you can have up and running in under 48 hours!  You decide how big and successful to make your business based on how much time and investment you put into it.

To get started, just register here, and order a starter kit for just N5000, which you can pay for on delivery!

Your Starter Kit includes:

  • Business Cards
  • Price Stickers
  • A Ring Sizer
  • Two sample pieces of jewellery
  • A coupon for 35% off your first purchase
  • A fully-stocked e-commerce site of your very own!
  • Online training and video tutorials to ensure your success


Once you receive your Starter Kit you can begin earning money through any of the following ways:

1. The e-Boutique

You will receive your own, fully-stocked e-commerce site with your name and photograph on the the homepage.  You can promote that website and advertise it on social media to get visitors (we provide instructions on how to do this). If anyone purchases something from your e-commerce site, we will deliver the item and collect the payment from your customer. You will receive a 20% commission from any purchases made on your e-commerce site. This commission can be transferred into your own bank account at the end of each month.  You will be able to monitor your e-Boutique sales from your online office. 

2. Retailing Jewellery

As an Aviva Stylist, you will receive wholesale prices on our jewellery.  Specifically, you will get 35% off the retail prices of your first purchase and 20% off all subsequent purchases. Although the e-Boutique is a great way to make money, nothing compares to carrying jewellery with you so customers can see and hold it.

What is great about our jewellery is that whatever you are unable to sell can be sent back to our warehouse, and exchanged for something new. *Terms and Conditions apply  This way, you will not lose money due to unwanted inventory.  For a look at our jewellery click here.  Keep in mind you will receive a discount on the prices you see. Each item has a quality rating that informs you of how long the piece is expected to last.

3. Become a Sponsor

Inform others about the Aviva opportunity, and if they register with us based on your reference, you can earn from their sales as well as everyone who comes under them.  In addition, if you participate in one of our training sessions or webinars, you can become an Assigned Sponsor, and we will assign new Stylists to your team and you can earn from their success as well!

All of the above options are included in the N5000 kit. You can do one or all three, the choice is yours!

To get started as an Aviva Stylist, simply register for free here, and order a starter kit when prompted.  If you face any challenges, chat with our live support team by clicking "chat" in the lower right corner.  They can place your order for you or answer any questions you may have. Get started today and "design the life you want with Aviva!"

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